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Learn How to Avoid a Financial Disaster from One of the Best Home Inspectors in the Country!

Let’s face it. Buying a home can be a scary proposition. Most of us have no idea how to inspect a Tampa home. Buying the wrong house can be a financial disaster. We all hope our new home will be safe and sound, but do we really know? And do any of us really know the secrets of the home inspection and real estate industries - those tidbits of inside information that gives some home buyers the edge? NOT knowing these secrets can cost you thousands.

If you are buying a home, you are about to become that rare individual, an educated home inspection consumer, confident that you’re making the right decision.

Nationally Known Tampa Home Inspector Mark Cramer Wants to Help You Avoid That Money Pit!

And he’s willing to do it a no risk to you! Mark’s been inspecting Tampa Bay area homes for 20 years. He’s helped thousands of clients save money and find peace of mind.

Mark lives, eats, breathes and sleeps home inspection. He teaches home inspection, construction inspection, building codes, and swimming pool inspection. He lectures other home inspectors on a variety of topics, and develops software for home inspectors. Mark is a regular speaker at home inspection educational conferences across the US and Canada. He does litigation consulting work and has served as an expert witness. He’s served as an arbitrator. He’s one of the professions technical gurus. One Chicago home inspector refers to Mark as “Yoda.” He’s an expert’s expert. Don’t you deserve an expert home inspector?

Almost every Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco county home inspector has attended one of Mark’s seminars. He’s held almost every office possible on the local and National level of the American Society of Home Inspectors, including National President in the year 2000. He’s served on ASHI’s Standards of Practice committee for years. He helped write the current version of the country’s most widely used home inspection standard. He finds problems other inspectors aren’t even aware of.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your Tampa home was inspected by one of the country’s best home inspectors.

Aren’t All Home Inspectors Licensed?

Nothing could be further from the truth. In Florida, anyone can buy an occupational license and call themselves a Tampa home inspector. Caveat Emptor. Update: Florida home inspectors will be licensed starting in July 2011, but anyone in business now will be grandfathered in. Having a license is almost meaningless. And new inspectors can be licensed without ever having performed a single home inspection!

There are huge differences between home inspectors. Like all professions or trades, the majority are rather mediocre. A small percentage are spectacularly bad. An even smaller percentage are very, very good. You want one of the very best.

Your home is often the largest investment of your life. The educated consumer takes time to make sure they are hiring someone they can trust to do an excellent job and to look out for their interests above all others. Choosing the wrong home inspector will cost you money, often thousands. (Don't hire any home inspector without reading this.)

Mark’s Tampa home inspection clients gladly pay him higher than average fees to inspect their new homes because they know he’ll save them money.

       Most home inspectors find some problems. Mark finds the really important problems that other home inspectors miss.”

            J. B. , Home inspection client, St. Petersburg, FL

"Bottom Line: Your report exceeded my expectation.
Just wanted to let you know thatI thought your report was excellent. Good format, detailed and easy to follow and understand. Thank you for your professionalism!!"

J. K., Home inspection client, Tampa

Dear Mr. Cramer:

The name of your website, BestTampalnspector is an accurate and appropriate.We feel you are truly the best in all of Tampa Bay, if not all of Florida We are very grateful for the extra effort  you went to on our behalf specifically on the roofing shingle issue and the minimum permanent truss bracing issue.

We don' t believe any other home inspector woulh have gone to the tremendous amount of effort you did, of that we feel certain. Anyone not utilizing Mark Cramer Inspection Services, Inc. is doing themselveas great disservice. You can be certain that we will recommend you to anyone building a new home in our subdivision, Connerton, or any other friends or acquaintances that may need a referral of a Home Inspection Service when buying an existing home or new construction home elsewhere. You ARE the Best!


Tom and Debra Nosse

One of Tampa’s top luxury Florida home builders pays Mark to inspect all of their homes. Why would a builder of million dollar plus homes hire Mark? Because he knows construction, he finds the problems others miss, and bottom line, he saves them money. Shouldn’t you have the same peace of mind?

Mark’s clients keep coming back and they refer him to friends, relatives and co-workers. A majority of his business comes from satisfied former clients, other inspectors, builders, and attorneys. These people all trust Mark. Shouldn’t you have him on your side?

Here’s a secret of the Tampa home inspection business that most inspectors don’t want to talk about. A survey conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors revealed that 68% of all home inspection business is the result of a referral from a real estate agent. Most home inspectors are dependent upon agent referrals to stay in business.

It’s sad, but many inspectors minimize defects to keep the referring agents happy. Obviously, this is not in your best interest. Mark doesn’t depend on agents to stay in business! He inspects every home like he’s inspecting it for his Mother. Many agents groan when they find out Mark is inspecting their listing! Smart consumers realize they need this kind of inspector.

But I’m Buying a Starter House. I Can’t Afford to Hire the Best Tampa Home Inspector.

Hogwash! If money is tight, how are you going to pay for the repairs that low-cost-real-estate-agent-dependent inspector fails to report? Here’s another secret: Your real estate contract usually obligates the seller to make repairs. The more problems your home inspector finds, the more money you’ll save. And if the house is a disaster, you might save financial ruin.

Hiring the best home inspector doesn’t cost, it saves you money and brings you peace of mind. You’ll sleep better knowing that you are buying a safe and sound home. And it’s not that expensive. Great home inspections start at only $395.00. Most Condo units are $295.00.

Imagine Having a Friend in the Home Inspection Business

Once you hire Mark, you will. He’s available to answer questions about your home at any time after the inspection. Even years later. Wondering what’s the best type of roof? Should you add on or sell? You’ve got an expert you can consult at any time.

Mark’s Iron Clad – No B.S. Guarantee

Mark is so confident he'll satisfy your needs and save you money, he offers the following guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the inspection, it's free.

No fine print. No disclaimers. No bull!

How can he do that? It’s easy. He satisfies ALL of his clients. 100% Every day.

Order Your Risk-Free Tampa Home Inspection Right Now

Pick up the phone and call Mark directly at (727) 595-4211. Don’t delay.

Have a question? mailto:mark@besttampainspector.com

Why Should You Be So Excited About Hiring the Best Tampa Home Inspector at No Risk to You?

You know the old joke about the car mechanic who's called in after every other mechanic failed? He listens to the engine for a few minutes, takes out a tiny hammer and taps on the engine in a strategic spot. Lo and behold, the engine starts humming like a kitten. The mechanic turns around, gives the car owner his bill for $500. The owner is flabbergasted and demands an itemized breakdown AND AN EXPLANATION.

The bill says... "$1 for my time, and $499 for knowing where to tap."

Mark knows where to tap when it comes to inspecting your existing Tampa home or your new home under construction. This knowledge is priceless. Mark regularly saves clients thousands of dollars. Sometimes tens of thousands. If he charged what this is really worth, an inspection would cost a couple of thousand dollars instead of a couple of hundred!

Everything You’re Going to Get for Your Investment 

  • One of the country’s best home inspectors. You won’t find anyone who knows more about home inspection!


  • An unbiased opinion free of influence from referring real estate agents. Rest assured you’ll get the real story about the home you’re buying. No sugar-coating of the defects to keep agents happy!


  • Easy to understand reports. Many home inspection reports are indecipherable. Mark’s reports are easy to understand. Defects are separated from information. 


  • Photos of the defects you can’t see. Reports include digital photographs of defects in areas you can’t get to, like the roof and the attic. 


  • You’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed.


  • You’ll understand your new home. Mark’s inspections are educational. If you’re there, he’ll walk you around the home and explain everything. You’ll have a chance to ask any question you wish.


  • You’ll know what’s about to wear out. Here’s another secret your agent won’t tell you. A 10 year old home with the original roof, water heater, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment will cost you at least $12,000.00 over the next few years. It may not be such a bargain.  


  • Consulting after the inspection. You’ll have a friend in the business. Mark is available to answer your questions any time after the inspection. Even years later.


  • No risk. Remember, if you are not satisfied with the inspection at any time, Mark will give you your money back. No other Tampa, Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas County home inspector makes this offer? Wonder why?


Order Your Risk-Free Tampa Home Inspection Right Now

Pick up the phone and call Mark directly at (727) 595-4211. Don’t delay.


Have a question?



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